Excerpts from Velikovsky

Worlds in Collision, The Shadow of Death by Velikovsky, pp 127-128


If the eruption of a single volcano can darken the atmosphere over the entire globe, a simultaneous and  prolonged eruption of thousands of volcanoes would blacken the sky. Volcanoes vomit water vapor as  well as cinders. Following the cataclysm, the author of Codex Chimalpopoca, in his history of the  suns, shows us terrifying celestial phenomena .. followed by darkness that covered the face of the  earth, in one instance for a period of 25 years.

In the Ermitage Papyrus in Leningrad .. there are lamantations about a terrible catastrophe, when  heaven and earth turned upside down. After this catastrophe darkness covered the earth. The “shadow  of death” is related to the time of the wandering in the desert after the Exodus from Egypt. The sinister  meaning of the words “shadow of death” corresponds with the description of the Ermitage Papyrus:  “None can live when the sun is veiled by clouds.”

The phenomenon of gloom enduring for years impressed itself on the memory of the Twelve Tribes  and is mentioned in many passages in the Bible. Psalms 44:19 – “The people that walked in darkness ..  in the land of the shadow of death.”


Excerpts from Earth in Upheaval, The Ivory Islands by Velikovsky, page 4-6

Fossil tusks of the mammoth – an extinct elephant – were found in northern Siberia and brought  southward to markets at a very early time. Northern Siberia provided more than half the world’s  supply of ivory, many piano keys and many billiard balls being made from the fossil tusks of  mammoths.

In 1797 the body of a mammoth, with flesh, skin, and hair, was found in northeastern Siberia. The flesh  had the appearance of freshly frozen beef; it was edible, and wolves and sled dogs fed on it without  harm. The ground must have been frozen ever since the day of their entombment; had it not been frozen,  the bodies of the mammoths would have putrefied in a single summer, but they remained unspoiled for  some thousands of years. In some mammoths, when discovered, even the eyeballs were still preserved.

(All) this shows that the cold became suddenly extreme .. and knew no relenting afterward. In the  stomachs and between the teeth of the mammoths were found plants and grasses that do not grow now  in northern Siberia .. (but are) .. now found in southern Siberia. Microscopic examination of the skin  showed red blood corpuscles, which was proof not only of a sudden death, but that the death was due  to suffocation either by gases or water.


Excerpts from Earth in Upheaval, Whales in the Mountains by Velikovsky, pp 46-49

Bones of whale have been found 440 feet above sea level, north of Lake Ontario; a skeleton of another  whale was discovered in Vermont, more than 500 feet above sea level; and still another in the  Montreal-Quebec area, about 600 feet above sea level. Although the Humphrey whale and beluga  occasionally enter the mouth of the St. Lawrence, they do not climb hills.

To account for the presence of whales in the hills of Vermont and Montreal, at elevations of 500 and  600 feet, requires the lowering of the land to that extent. The accepted theory is that the land in the  region of Montreal and Vermont was depressed more than 600 feet by the weight of ice and kept in this  position for a while after the ice melted. Another solution would be for an ocean tide, carrying the  whales, to have trespassed upon the land.

But along the coast of Nova Scotia and New England stumps of trees stand in water, telling of once  forested country that (has since become) submerged. And opposite the mouths of the St. Lawrence and  the Hudson rivers are deep (land) canyons stretching for hundreds of miles into the ocean. These  indicate that the land (has become) sea, being depressed in post-glacial times. Then did both processes  go on simultaneously, in neighboring areas, here up, there down?


Excerpts from Earth in Upheaval, Tidal Wave by Velikovsky, pp 51- 54

Fissures in the rocks .. all over western Europe, are choked with bones of animals, some of extinct  races, others, though of the same age, of races still surviving. The bones .. are mostly broken and  splintered into innumerable sharp fragments and are evidently not those of animals devoured by beasts  of prey. The Rock of Gibraltar is intersected by numerous crevices filled with bones. The bones are  broken and splintered. The remains of panther, lynx, caffir-cat, hyena, wolf, bear, rhinoceros, horse,  wild boar, red deer, fallow deer, ibex, ox, hare, rabbit, have been found in these ossiferous fissures.  On Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily the broken bones of animals choke the fissures in the rocks.

The state of preservation of the bones indicates that the animals, all of them, perished in the same  period of time. No hardened animal feces were found, indicating that the dead beasts had not lived in  these hollows or fissures. No teeth marks of hyena or of any other animal are found in the osseous  mass. The bones are those of animals of all ages down to the fetus, nor do they show traces of  weathering or exposure.

The extremely fresh condition of the bones, proved by the retention of so large a proportion of animal  matter, shows that the event was, geologically, comparatively recent. The fact that animals of all ages  were involved in the catastrophe shows it to have been sudden.


Excertps from Worlds in Collision, East and West by Velikovsky, pp 105-114

Our planet rotates from west to east. Has it always done so? There is testimony from all parts of the  world that the side which is now turned toward the evening once faced the morning. The Egyptians  pride themselves on being the most ancient people in the world. In their authentic annals .. one may  read that .. the course of the stars has changed direction .. and that the sun has set in that part of the sky  where it rises today. In the Papyrus Ipuwer it is similarly stated that “the land turns round as does a  potter’s wheel” and “the Earth turns over”.

Plato wrote in his dialogue: “At certain periods the universe has its present circular motion, and at  other periods it revolves in the reverse direction.” Plato wrote in Politicus: “There is at that time great  destruction of animals in general, and only a small part of the human race survives”. The Chinese say  that it is only since a new order of things has come about that the stars move from east to west. The  signs of the Chinese zodiac have the strange peculiarity of proceeding in a retrograde direction, that is,  against the course of the sun. The Eskimos of Greenland told missionaries that in an ancient time the  earth turned over.


Excertps from Worlds in Collision, Reversed Polarity of the Earth by Velikovsky, pp 105-114

It is possible to detect in the geological records of the earth the orientation of the terrestrial magnetic  field in past ages. When lava cools and freezes following a volcanic outburst, it takes up a permanent  magnetization dependent upon the orientation of the Earth’s magnetic field at the time. The reversed  polarity of lava indicates that in recent geological times the magnetic poles of the globe were  reversed.


Earth in Upheaval pp 227-229 Extinction

Many forms of life, many species and genera of animals that lived on this planet in a recent geological period, in the age of man, have utterly disappeared without leaving a single survivor. Mammals walked in fields and forests, propagated and multiplied, and then without a sign of degeneration vanished. A considerable group have become extinct virtually within the last few thousand years.

The large mammals that died out in America include all the camels, all the horses, all the ground sloths, two genera of musk-oxen, peccaries, certain antelopes, a giant bison with a horn spread of six feet, a giant beaverlike animal, a stag-moose, and several kinds of cats, some of which were of lion size.

Animals, strong and vigorous, suddenly died out without leaving a survivor. The end came, not in the course of the struggle for existence – with the survival of the fittest. Fit and unfit, and mostly fit, old and young, with sharp teeth, with strong muscles, with fleet legs, and plenty of food around, all perished. They died as if a wind had snuffed life out of all of them, leaving their cadavers, with no sign of degeneration, in asphalt pits, in bogs, in sediment, and in caverns.

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A comet DID wipe out first North American prehistoric humans.

According to the Egyptians, the Destroyer made its first recorded visit around 10,000 BC. There are many sites around the world that show the presence of a red cosmic dust and evidence of an extinction level event.

A cosmic impact 12,900 years ago could have led to the demise of the ‘Clovis’ people of North America, researchers claim. 

A layer of platinum from an ice core taken in Greenland has been dated back to the time of a known abrupt climate transition, known as the ‘Big Freeze’.

The freeze has been previously been linked to the demise of the Clovis people, the prehistoric hunter gatherers who were the first to occupy North America.

According to researchers at Harvard University, this provides evidence that a comet tipped the world into its colder phase, making dozens of species extinct.


A layer of platinum from an ice core taken from Greenland has been dated back to the time of a known abrupt climate transition. According to researchers, this provides evidence that a comet led to the demise of the Clovis people, the prehistoric hunter gatherers who were the first to occupy the North America

Researcher Michail Petaev and Harvard colleagues, writing in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, found a 100-fold increase in platinum concentration in ice that is around 12,890 years old.

This is the same period for which oxygen isotope measurements show rapid cooling of the climate- a period known as the ‘Younger Dryas’.

The Younger Dryas, or the ‘Big Freeze’, saw a rapid return to glacial conditions in the higher latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere between 12,900–11,500 years.


The Big Freeze is associated with the extinction of large mammals, such as the mammoth, and the demise of the North American Clovis people


Some scientists believe that the Clovis people chose to discard spears (pictured) and were not wiped out by a comet


Researchers claim that debris thrown into the atmosphere in an impact may have tipped the Earth into global cooling, wiping out native cultures such as the Clovis people.

As evidence for the rapid Clovis depopulation, comet theorists had previously pointed out that very few Clovis archaeological sites show evidence of human occupation after they died out.

At the few sites that do, Clovis and post-Clovis artifacts are separated by archaeologically sterile layers of sediments, indicating a time gap between the civilisations.

They believe that the sediment is a ‘dead zone’ in the human archaeological record in North America, beginning with the comet impact and lasting about 500 years.

But others argue that a lack of later human occupation at Clovis sites is no reason to assume a population collapse.

U.S. archaeologists Vance Holliday pointed out that short-term occupation Paleoindian sites—Clovis or post-Clovis—are the norm.

‘That’s because many Paleoindian sites are hunting kill sites, and it would be highly unlikely for kills to be made repeatedly in the exact same spot,’ he said.

‘So there is nothing surprising about a Clovis occupation with no other Paleoindian zone above it, and it is no reason to infer a disaster.’

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2383733/A-comet-DID-wipe-North-American-prehistoric-humans-Ice-core-data-suggests-cosmic-impact-killed-Clovis-people.html#ixzz2b6hzjate
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Facebook: Return of the Destroyer

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Exposing a false prophet who has lied and hurt countless people in her shameless quest for notoriety.

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A False Prophet

It is said that there will be many false prophets during the “End Times,”  claiming to know when the hour of our doom will be. One of these people is Nancy Lieder of Zetatalk.
Back in 1995, Lieder started her own website, claiming a large planet, she called Planet X, was headed on way and would arrive in May of 2003. According to her, this planet would cause a pole shift and kill 85 % of the population of Earth. Nancy also made some predictions about the state our planet would be in as her Planet X neared. She said earthquakes and volcanoes would increase,fireballs would rain down on us and the weather would become extreme and unpredictable, leading to crop failure.
May of 2003 came and went with no Planet X in sight….so how was it that Nancy seemed to know so much about the state of the world? How did she know the ground would shake more and there would be more volcanoes and fireballs? How did she know the weather would be all over the place? The answer is simple….she read the works of Immanuel Velikovsky.
In the 1950’s, Immanuel Velikovsky published Worlds in Collision and his follow up book, Earth in Upheaval. These books described in great detail how a cosmic intruder brought ruin to our planet 3500 years ago. Velikovsky told us that our ancestors from around the globe told us of  a fiery body that appeared from the depths of Heaven and caused great calamity such as volcanoes, mountain high tsunamis and quakes. He even told us that this cosmic beast was surrounded by a debris field that would rain down stones and a sticky, blood red,butane substance, that would cover the world with blood, in some cases it would even ignite, causing fire to rain down from the sky.
Velikovsky told us this sky monster made regular 3500 year visits to our planet and he told us that if his calculations were correct, the cosmic intruder would return in the early part of the 21st century. According to him, the people living in this time would begin to see great upheavals.
When Velikovsky’s books were first published, the scientific community tried to have then banned and threatened his publisher, who quickly dropped him and his books, forcing him to find another publisher.
By the time Nancy started her website, Velikovsky’s books had been out of print for quite some time. Knowing that most people would not have access to his work, she thought it would be safe to plagiarizer his work. In 1995, Nancy had no idea that Velikovsky’s books would be republished 12 years later, allowing anyone interested to see her deception.
Nancy Lieder has copyrighted all of her Zetatalk…too bad for her that Velikovsky copyrighted it four decades earlier.



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188 Days by LUCUS

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Dutchsinse EQ Update: 4/11/2012 — SIX LARGE EARTHQUAKES TODAY — 8.9M, 8.7M, 8.2M, 7.0M, and two 6.0M

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